Réservez la date : 23 au 25 avril 2021
Toute l'équipe de trajectoire prépare activement les 20 ans de l'Ardenne Roads. Puisque 2020 aura été une année blanche, il ne s'agira pas à proprement parler de la vingtième édition, mais cela fera 20 ans que l'Ardenne Roads a vu le jour.

Un vent de renouveau.

L'Ardenne Roads est le plus ancien rallye de régularité en Belgique. Et depuis 2002, le monde de de la voiture de collection a bien évolué. 

Tout en gardant l'ADN de notre rendez-vous (régularité accessible, 1er rallye de l'année, réceptions et festivités de qualité) il était temps pour nous de faire évoluer la formule.

Les surprises vont s'enchainer dans les semaines à venir.

Mais le premier changement à annoncer est que le rallye aura désormais lieu les vendredi 23 et samedi 24 avril.

Le dimanche 25 avril sera lui réservé à deux événements complémentaires.

Les contrôles d'avant rallye se feront le jeudi après-midi et en soirée.


Le renouveau du rallye va s'accompagner d'un nouveau site internet.

Il est en cours de réalisation et nous vous informerons dès sa mise en ligne.
Next edition in 2021 !
At the beginning of the crisis, we immediately took the measure of the difficulties that lay ahead and we quickly rescheduled a date in September.

In mid-March, it seemed like a long time ago and we had every chance of putting on a good edition. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out so idyllic.

For example, there are already events usually scheduled in September that some of our clients attend. In the automotive world, but not only.

Then, the problem of the hotel industry remains at the level of availability and operation.

Finally, and this is what definitely influenced our decision, taken in agreement with ING Private Banking, is the health management of the many moments of promiscuity such as breakfasts, briefings, lunches, gala dinners, parties under the tent...

We know that you appreciate our event as much for its sporting part as for its many festive moments. We do not wish to propose an event different from what it has become. We also don't want to risk becoming a Covid-19 cluster.

As a result, we have decided that the next rally will be held in April 2021.

We are already preparing this next edition which for its 20th anniversary, but its 19th edition, will offer something new!

Very friendly,
Jean-François Devillers
ING Ardenne Roads postponed to 19 and 20 September 2020
Following the complicated situation in our country due to the Convid-19, and in agreement with our partners, we have taken the decision to postpone the 19th edition of the ING Ardenne Roads to 19 and 20 September 2020.

The people involved will be contacted personally.

More information to follow.
Happy 2020
2020 edition on May 2nd & 3rd, registrations are open!
The 19th edition of ING Ardenne Roads will take place on 2 and 3 May 2020. The arrival of the World Endurance Championship in Francorchamps on our usual date blocked all the hotels. This edition will therefore take place one week later.
Genaral classification online
Entry list by numbers
A magnificent plateau will start from Spa this Saturday, April 26th at 8:00 am.

152 crews with the traditional Austing Healey, MG, Jaguar and Porsche.
Mais aussi 6 avant-guerres et des véhicules rares et remarquables : Alvis speed 25 (1926), BMW AFM (1938) (rarissime), Maserati Mistral (1965), Sunbeam rapier (1957), Lancia Aurelia spider (1958), Jaguar C-type (1954), Corvette C2 Sringray (1965), Healey Siverstone (1950), Apal GT (1961), AC ACE (1957), Austin Healey Sebring Sprite (1958), ...

See the list
Our reputation makes our success !
"It is our reputation that makes our success! That of an organizing team that considers its participants as friends and intends to provide them with a regular weekend of turnkey regularity, in a sporting and friendly atmosphere, without compromising the receptive," says Jean-François.

A subtle harmony between competition for those who wish to do so, the tourist face of discovering isolated regions and, an important if not essential part, the good restaurants, great wines and bubble cups spread throughout the weekend, culminating in Saturday's evening organised in partnership with ING Private Banking.

"The whole package appeals to crews from all walks of life. We have many duets who participate as father and son/daughter, but also more and more women who challenge each other as girlfriends. We noticed this again during our last regularity training. The ladies are present, motivated and far from being the least assiduous... and that can only make us happy! ", smiles Jean-François.
Our application is up to date !
The application of trajectoire, which is available on Android and IOS, is intended for both the public and the participants.

The audience will find the start list, the timing, the GPS points of the passages of the cars with a link to Google maps, the Live results of the RT's, photos....

The "Competitors only" tab is reserved for crews (the pass code will be sent to you personally) with their programme, useful contacts, copies of documents and all decisions of the Sport Director during the rally.

Communication is important, we pay a lot of attention to it. We hope you will enjoy this fantastic tool ;-)
The typical profile of our participants is changing.
ING Ardenne Roads has now become a true spring "Classic". In 2019, the event is once again full of enthusiasts and brings together enthusiasts of vintage cars and epicurean lovers of change of scenery for this 18th edition.

"With such a long lifespan, it becomes difficult to reinvent oneself with each edition. But ING Ardenne Roads is keen to live with the times and to continually showcase picturesque places in the south of the kingdom," says Jean-François Devillers, conductor of Trajectoire. "The typical profile of our participants is changing. We have more and more Dutch-speaking crews, who started a little later than the Walloons and Brussels, perhaps by getting a taste for the thing at the Zoute Grand Prix. On the other hand, the trend is less and less towards pre-war cars because of the constraints they impose. »

This choice is all the more understandable as ING Ardenne Roads makes it all the more important to take its 150 crews on the most spectacular and remote routes in the country. The route will cover nearly 560 kilometres, 340 of which will be in the first stage on Saturday, taking participants to the Libramont region. The next day, traditionally, the route is compacted and focuses on the new pavements of the Eastern Cantons.
REC : New watchmaker partner !
REC Watches: watches that recycle old cars.

The passage of time and accuracy to the second are essential components of an event such as ING Ardenne Roads. The beautiful mechanics too, with its patinated materials, embellished by the kilometres. It is therefore more than consistent to see the event associated with the REC Watches brand of watches. The Danish watchmaker has made it a specialty to create unique collections.

Indeed, they extract some of their components from old car materials intended for scrap. Components from Porsche 911, Mini, old Mustang and even Spitfire aircraft have been worked on and combined with a bracelet.

Patrick Gelder, importer of the Danish brand in Belgium: "Our product is certainly the most closely linked to the automobile of all watchmaking craftsmanship. The material or part of the material of our dials is made of recycled 911 or Mustang elements. We are launching the marketing of this young brand in Belgium and are sure that the faithful of ING Ardenne Roads will see the philosophical relationship between our watchmaking products and the event! »

The winners of ING Ardenne Roads will each receive a REC 901, in honour of the Porsche 911. 
Stage de régularité le 30 Mars : déjà 50 stagiaires !
Il y a quelques années déjà, nous proposions un stage d'une journée pour apprendre les bases de la régulatité.

L'ADN de l'ING Ardenne Roads est en effet de proposer un rallye de régularité accessible à tous. Pour la majorité des équipages inscrits, il s'agit là de la seule fois de l'année qu'ils pratiquent cette discipline.

Interrogés, vous aviez été nombreux à être intérêssés par cette initiative et vous êtes déjà déjà 50 stagiaires inscrits. 

Le stage se tiendra à l'Ibis Style Meeting Center de Louvain-La-Neuve.

Il reste des places disponibles.

Télécharger les détails
S'inscrire au stage
trajectoire wihes you a great motoring millesim
10 free tickets to Interclassics Brussels
This show has become a must in just a few editions and 'trajectoire' will meet you again in Hall 6, right next to the 70th anniversary Porsche exhibition.

We will be happy to receive you to inform you about ING Ardenne Roads as well as the Road Marathon. We will also present two new lifestyle weekends scheduled for May and October.

The 10 beneficiaries will be drawn at random from among the crews registered for one of our two rallies before Sunday evening, November 11 at midnight.

The 10 winners will be contacted by email and will then receive their entry by post.
About thirty crews already registered.
Registration has been open since October 1st. 

The 18th edition of ING Ardenne Roads will take place on 27 and 28 April 2019.

Since 2002, ING Ardenne Roads has taken a special place on the calendar of regularity rallies in Belgium and has become, over the years, the meeting place for passionate friends who like to get together in early spring to share pleasant moments. 

This classic event offers a perfect balance between driving, discovering the roads of the picturesque Ardennes thanks to Robert Rorife's flawless route, festive receptions and shared conviviality. In other words, the "sport-chic" meeting par excellence.

Registration online is possible since October 1st. About thirty crews have already registered. All practical information on ingardenneroads.org.
Maertens-Pyck, intraitables
« Quand on sait que les dernières éditions se sont déroulées sous la pluie et parfois même les flocons, le simple fait d’évoluer sous un chaud soleil a décuplé le degré de satisfaction des participants. Pas la moindre anicroche, pas de tôle froissée cette année, les équipages ont pu faire jouer leur maitrise de la régularité dans les meilleures conditions », entonnait Jean-François Devillers au lendemain de l’arrivée de « son » ING Ardenne Roads. Le CEO de Trajectoires ajoutait : « Nous sommes ravis d’avoir vu les concurrents répondre de la meilleure manière à nos injonctions concernant la vitesse. Grâce au système Tripy, nous pouvons contrôler leur comportement dans les zones sensibles et seuls trois excès de vitesse dans des zones sensibles (Aglomération, zone 30 ) ont été enregistrées ! Un argument de plus quant à la crédibilité de notre épreuve, à tous points de vue ! »

Maertens-Pyck, intraitables

Sportivement parlant, la course fut des plus passionnantes. A nouveau, les expérimentés Jean-Jacques Maertens et Aswyn Pyck, se sont montrés impériaux aux commandes de leur Porsche 356 : « Tout a fonctionné à merveille, depuis le contrôle technique, jusqu’à l’arrivée. On a eu de la chance quand il fallait… et il en faut parfois !  Les 20 premiers équipages sont au départ de cette épreuve le couteau entre les dents ! L’organisation de Jean-François sort du lot par sa constance : belles régions, organisation rigoureuse, ambiance conviviale, personnel accueillant, année après année. Un week-end parfait ! » Toutefois, au terme de la première journée, 11 points seulement séparaient les deuxième et neuvième équipages. Le tracé concocté dans l’Eifel dimanche matin allait voir erreurs et imprécisions se payer cash. Ainsi, derrière les père et fils De Jaeger, hissant leur Porsche 911 Targa à la deuxième position, seuls 0,7 point séparait la VW Karmann de Van Rompuy et Vanoverschelde de la MG B GT emmenée par Chris et Olivier Proot !

Maertens et Pyck évoluant en catégorie Post-War, la voie était grande ouverte dans le peloton Pre-War pour Xavier De Connick et Corinne Gerardin, dont la MG PA de 1934 faisait fi de la concurrence. « Je regrette un peu que le nombre de Pre-war soit en baisse d’année en année. Ces voitures coûteuses et contraignantes prennent de l’âge, comme leurs propriétaires qui se concentrent de plus en plus sur des épreuves dédiées », concédait Jean-François Devillers.
Téléchargez notre application
To follow in all user-friendliness and ease, we invite you to download our application:
- programme
- start lists
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- live result of each RT
- pilot selfies
- ...

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